Monday, May 23, 2011


I feel a bit weird posting about my own band on here but i finally have everything ready for the launch shows coming up this weekend and I'm pretty happy with how the new flexi turned out so i thought id share it with you dudes....

This is being put out by Coffin Cut Records over in Perth and for those of you who cant make it to any of the shows, most of this stuff will be up for sale on the CCR Bigcartel Saturday the 28th of May...

Here is the normal version of the flexi on clear, there is about /265 of these with this artwork done by our good friend Ado down in Melbourne.

Closer look at the printed centre label
Inserts are the same for both editions of the flexi
Tom Rampage
Every flexi comes with a free digital download

And here we have the launch show flexi, there is /35 of these for the show on Saturday the 28th only. It has different artwork to the normal version that was done by our friend Norb who was living in Sweden at the time this art was done but is now back in Australia.

Eye-Gouge! - Feel The Rage
-Flexi Launch-
fold over sleeve - hand numbered

And this would be the test pressing... There is /23 of these made with the infest bootleg rip off artwork that i made in photoshop, you can see what copied HERE and HERE. As a normal test pressing would be the 'label' on the flexi is just left blank.

Eye-Gouge! - Feel The Rage
-Test Press-
stamped number on each sleeve

I also did a run of tapes on a small label i do called 'Rain On The Parade'. i did these for a back up plan in case something went wrong and we didn't have flexis in time for the launch show but everything went very smooth so we will just take these on tour and hopefully get rid of them, /50 only...

There will also be another run of /50 tapes (to start with) with different artwork etc that will be released by US label BEZERKER X RECORDS...

Eye-Gouge! - Feel The Rage
-Cassette Tape-
these also come with download cards,
the only thing difference is that these are stamped on the back
Coffin Cut Records also did a small run of slip mats so you can pimp out your turn table

Friday, May 20, 2011


Here we have the latest 7" from southern california's Cold Stare thanks to 'Lifes A Rape'. 4 brand new tracks from these guys in the same style as 86 mentality, Commitment Crew etc. So if you are keen on that oi styled hardcore you should give these guys a listen... (Ex members -Take Offense, Down Again, and Deadlined)

This is the second 7" from these guys, they also have a s/t that was put out by Mind Disease Records back in 2008/2009?... im actually not to sure. Anyways they are both pretty solid records, get onto them.

Cold Stare - Fight Back And Win
I have no idea about pressing info on this so if anyone could help that would be great.


This is the latest release from Control Records by super group Not Afraid, i cant seem to find where i read what bands these dudes used to be in but I'm pretty sure its got guys from True Colors and Judge... I first heard about these dudes from my girlfriend cause as most people who read this blog may know true colors is one of my favourite bands and not afraid is fronted by Packo who used to front true colors.

I was more than excited to hear this record after i first heard the title track 'Be Yourself' and finally found a download just after the 7" went up for sale. Ive gotta say i was pretty disappointed and the reason for this i think is cause i pretty much had this whole expectation in my head of how awesome this E.P was going to be after hearing that first track and how close to true colors it was. After listening to this record for the first time, the other 5 tracks are considerably different to the one they first posted and now i think of it, it was stupid to think that after true colors broke up he would go onto another band that sounds exactly like his last (as much as i wouldn't complain). But after listening to this record a few times i think its pretty awesome for what it is.

Green vinyl /100 - Mailorder only

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just a quick post on this one, another variation of the s/t on Grave Mistake / Minor Disturbance Records, this is the fouth pressing of this record on Clear vinyl /100 - There is also a bunch of these with photocopied covers, if you have one that you're willing to sell please let me know...


Another band i've posted about a few times now, this VA 7" has been on my want list for fucking ever and i finally found a copy from a guy over in Germany, pretty stoked! This was released by Grave Mistake / No Way Records back in 2008, this version was for mail order only and is only out of /300 there is also /700 on black... If you haven't checked out these dudes yet you can download this record HERE, ex members from ripcord, spite, heresy, cant decide, excrement of war, screamer, bombblastmen and varukers...

I also have the test pressing of this record, if you are interested in checking it out you can HERE

Violent Arrest - Criminal Record 2x 7"
Gatefold 2x 7inch...


Ive posted about these guys on here before so im gonna keep this brief... Here is the second 7" from this norwegian sXe band that was put out on a split release by My War / Parts Unknown Records back in 2002... you can suss the other post / discography download HERE...

Insurance Risk - No Pity E.P
White vinyl /100

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


These guys (and girl) are from Austria and are currently touring australia, to my knowledge they were ment to be doing 7 shows in total but i think one of the melbourne gigs was canned and i know for sure the canberra one was cause i was the one putting it on, long story short there was a big fuck around with venues and support bands pulling out and i couldnt do anything else about it.. Ruidosa Inmundicia would have to be my favourite female fronted band around, they play just the kind of fast full on angry HC i love, if you get a chance to go watch RI i suggest you do so, i hear they are one of the best currant live bands around. i am spewing they arnt playing canberra anymore!

this was the last release they did back in 2010 - you can download it out Here if you like or suss out a Track... this 7" and the demo would have to be my favourite 2 releases but everything they have done is pretty awesome.

Ruidosa Inmundicia - Huellas De Odio