Friday, May 20, 2011


This is the latest release from Control Records by super group Not Afraid, i cant seem to find where i read what bands these dudes used to be in but I'm pretty sure its got guys from True Colors and Judge... I first heard about these dudes from my girlfriend cause as most people who read this blog may know true colors is one of my favourite bands and not afraid is fronted by Packo who used to front true colors.

I was more than excited to hear this record after i first heard the title track 'Be Yourself' and finally found a download just after the 7" went up for sale. Ive gotta say i was pretty disappointed and the reason for this i think is cause i pretty much had this whole expectation in my head of how awesome this E.P was going to be after hearing that first track and how close to true colors it was. After listening to this record for the first time, the other 5 tracks are considerably different to the one they first posted and now i think of it, it was stupid to think that after true colors broke up he would go onto another band that sounds exactly like his last (as much as i wouldn't complain). But after listening to this record a few times i think its pretty awesome for what it is.

Green vinyl /100 - Mailorder only

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