There is a bunch of records im after but this is the main batch for now, i will update this every now and then when i can think of the other stuff im looking for - Email me: Thomo.cchc@hotmail.com

86 Mentality - st - 1st press (test press)
86 Mentality - st - remastered version (rejected test press)
86 Mentality - on the loose (test press)
86 Mentality - final exit (test press)

A.V.O - solutions (test press)
A.V.O - fuck positive hardcore (test press)
A.V.O - domestic violence keept the neighbourhood quiet (cassette tape)

Extortion - split 5" w/ rupture (both silver and gold limited covers)
Extortion - get fucked 5" (chaos in tejas - yellow cover /50)

Judge - New Yourk Crew (schism records - 1st press)

Violent Arrest - st LP (test press)
Violent Arrest - st 7" (test press)
Violent Arrest - demo tape