Thursday, July 29, 2010


Scored all these from a dude on the B9 fourm, he was a pretty cool guy and let them go for decent price... All on my war records...

Shark Attack - Blood In The Water
Came with a sticker
Black vinyl - not sure how many of these were pressed?
Shark Attack - Feeding Frenzy Demo
My War Records stamp on the inside
Black vinyl /300?

He was also selling 3 lots of the s/t knife fight 7"
'folded sleeve,regular glued sleeve & the summer tour sleeve (stamped)'
The folded & the glued version are exactly the same apart from the obvious...
(one is a fold over and the other is glued)
Black vinyl
Again i dunno how many were pressed
This is the back of the 'Summer Tour Sleeve' front is the same as above
My War Records Stamp

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I picked these up from the band, nice and fast straight edge hardcore from the U.S...

Sorry Excuse - Listen With Prejudice
(Tour Press)
Tour Press - 36/100 Lyrics sheet
Dark grey marble vinyl
Listen With Prejudice Tour Tape & 2008 Demo Yellow & Blue cover
Insert - 59/100
Lyrics sheet
Blue Demo
Better look at the tape...
Orange Tape
The Insert and lyrics sheet are the same as
the blue version just on different coloured paper

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It has been a slow few weeks for records arriving but i was up in sydney for the weekend and got a bunch of stuff so i will probably post them over the next few days along with a couple of ebay wins...

On the saturday Repressed Records was having a huge sale, mostly cds but i did find a couple of things on vinyl i was keen on.. Im pretty sure this is the limited cover of Attitudes - Piss And Vinegar but cant find any info on it and is down or no longer running..
Attitude - Piss And Vinegar
Fold over insert
Back fold over
Coke bottle clear vinyl
(dont know pressing info on this)
i scanned these in instead of taking pics so you could see the colour better
Iv been wanting to hear this 7" for a while but couldnt find it anywhere until Sean hit me up with a link somewhere overseas where i got this one from but i recenently found it on No Patience..
Teargas - S/t
Artwork by Murdoch
Solid Red vinyl
Again not sure of the pressing info on this

And finally this is the split 7" i ordered from Live Fast Die Drunk Records in Perth..
Foldover back
Death Grenade Insert
The Craw Insert
Pink vinyl /100

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I think it was just after the last True Colors show Six Feet Under Records emaild out a list of left overs they had of some TC and Floorpunch records, for some reason i did not get this email even though i am subscribed to the mailing list.. ahh well, thankfully a mate of mine happened to grab the stuff i needed and was happy enough to sell them too me for what he paid...

True Colors - Bonus 7"
- last show cover -
Black vinyl /200 i think - Stamped lables

True Colors - Focus On The Light
- tour/last show cover -
Back - 42/94
Final pressing on White vinyl

This 100 in 10 compilation LP from Intellect records also arrived today.. 100 bands 10 minutes, no song is over 30 seconds and contains bands from all over the world.. My band Eye-Gouge! was lucky enough to get a spot on there along with maybe 1 or 2 other australian bands..

100 In 10 Compilation
there are 3 variations of this cover you can order on the website
Insert with all the bands + info
Black vinyl /750 with this cover