Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here we have the 2008 demo tape from Force Fed, they play fast aggressive hardcore with pissed off lyrics about straight edge and hating everything and everyone.. This demo is awesome and maybe even better than the 5 song ep 7" Painkiller Records also put out, i dunno i may have just out listened that record and just found it refreshing to hear some other stuff by them but in saying that the 7" is still a ripper..

Force Fed - Demo 2008

Friday, August 20, 2010


A friend of mine picked up two copies of this from the Sound And Fury Fest when he was over in america, im told this is a S&F edition that was made up? not sure why they did another cover just for this festival considering they are broken up and didnt even play it..? Ahh well either way im glad i own a copy, cheers Brian.

True Colors - Consider It Done
-sound & fury edition-

If anyone knows how many of these were made up let me know..

Same insert as the other SFU press

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Found this on eBay last week and was the only bidder, Nice little box set compilation consisting of 8 'of the best hardcore thrash bands from the U.S. and Japan' with 44 songs in total.. Capitalist Casualties, Hellnation, Spazz, Charles Bronson, Flash Gordon, Nice View, Fuck On The Beach & Real Reggae..

Sound Pollution Records - Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Glued on front / Stamped back

Nice colour vinyl

18 page lyric/band booklet


Been hearing a bit about this band the past few weeks and about how much they sound like early Skrewdriver (all skrewed up era) so i ordered it off no patience to check it out for my self and was pleasantly surprised...

Bloody Hammer - Pogo Rock
4 Tracks - Double sided same tracks both sides
Better look at the artwork
No Patience stamped envelopeLetter from Lewis.. haha



I have been after this version of the s/t 7inch for a long time now, i have the preorder of this record but have never seen this regular sleeve for sale on any forum or on ebay until just recently wich is where i grabbed this one from.. I still need the release show/UK weekend tour sleeve on white vinyl and the other regular sleeve on black.

/315 on White vinyl w/ Regular sleeve
Inside foldout
Fully folded out..
I also scanned it in if you want a closer look

Monday, August 16, 2010


Grabbed this off Dan from the Faux Hawks a few months back along with the 'Apocalypse' test, just never got around to posting it cause i didn't have the artwork until just recently...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


A few weeks back Marcus from The Endless Quest blog posted up his test press of this compilation 7" 'Run Your Mouth' and said that he had two spare copies of this record and he would post out for free for the 1st two people to get back to him, so i sent him an email to see if he had any left and that i would obviously pay for postage since he had to send to Australia...

V/A - Run Your Mouth
Side A are originals and Side B are covers
Lyrics insert...

If you are keen to have a listen to this 7" Marcus uploaded it on his blog



A mate of mine hooked me up with this record, not too sure why he wanted to get rid of it/wouldnt take any money for it but either way it was a good score. This was Ray Cappo's side project when he was in Shelter, they released 2 LP's a 7" and had some tracks on a few compilations + did 3 world tours... This is the Japanese release on DEA/Supersoul Records that was numbered /500.

Better Than A Thousand - Value Driven Japanese fold over promo thing
Iv read a few things on this release and they all said it was on white vinyl so i dunno whats up with this one cause i cant find any info on the black...
If anyone knows anything on the black vinyl or can
link me to something it would be much appreciated
Numbered 026/500
Lyrics Insert - English
Japanese side..


This is one of the records i got from Henk Kangaroo the other week, some of the early stuff from TTT before they went not to good (in my opinion..) seriously wish they kept playing this kind of HC but what can you do... I dunno if its just me and as weird as it might sound i kind of get an early Offspring vibe from some of these songs, but all in all this is an awesome record.

Toe To Toe - Threats & Facts
Bit of wear and tear on the top left corner, id be more cut about this if i payed for the record but since i pretty much got it for free im not going to complain.
I think the only OG member in the band now is scotty mac..?
TTT insert
Lyrics side of the insert
Red vinyl, no idea how many were pressed

Thursday, August 12, 2010


A fair while back now i got talking to Henk from Kangaroo Records over in Europe, just your usual chit chat about bands/records etc. Not that long ago i hit him up to see if he had any AVO test presses i could buy off him cause i just about own every release and thought i could try complete it with the tests... He told me he might have 1 test of the LP left, he just needed to have a look for it and was in the middle of moving house so it might take some time. He asked if i could send him an Eye-Gouge! Tshirt for the trade... I thought that was a pretty awesome deal so i sent off the shirt and waited for him to get back to me. It was probably a bit over a month before he wrote back saying he had found the LP and the Runnamucks split test that i could also have and if there was any other kangaroo stuff i missed out on... I told him a few bands i was keen on that i never got the early stuff of, he told me my package was on the way and that he chucked in a few extras for me. So the package arrived and i was very fucking stoked to find what was inside, 14 records all up including Out Cold, Toe To Toe, Cardiac Arrest, The Despised and a bunch more. I will post the other stuff soon enough but in the meantime here are the AVO tests...

AVO - Domestic Violence Kept The Neighbourhood Quiet
Very basic cover, glued sheets on a cardboard jacket
Number 2 Out Of 4

AVO - The Zen Sessions / Runnamucks - Overdrive Tonight
Pretty basic cover too, B&W fold over..
Not sure how many of these were done up..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Scored this Charles Bronson tape off ebay the other week and forgot to post it up with some other stuff that arrived about the same time.. 20 nice and fast songs, pretty cool tape..

Charles Bronson - Youth Attack