Monday, November 29, 2010


Direct Controls demo + a bunch of extra stuff has just been released on 12" vinyl by Tankcrimes Records over in California.. The demo is probably the best direct control stuff in my opinion but its hard to choose cause all their releases are pretty raging.. you can check out the original demo tape here...
Direct Control - Bucktown Hardcore
This is the mail order edition that includes limited splatter vinyl and a poster... not sure how many of this colour were pressed but the normal edition is on black.
Big poster
Lyrics Insert
Here we have the new split 7" from Extortion and Completed Exposition, this was just put out by RSR records.. I'm yet to listen to this record as my turntable is fucked at the moment but hopefully getting that fixed soon enough.
Extortion's insert..
Completed Exposition's insert..
And this is extortion's euro tour cover for the same record, I'm pretty keen on this art its a lot better than the normal version with the pills.. /100

I also picked this up from RSR, they are a new English band fronted by the one and only Lecky (Voorhees,Walk The Plank,Meatlocker).. Pretty keen to listen to this 7"s but as i said my turntable is fucked.. i did hear a few tracks off this though on the myspace and i thought they were pretty awesome...
Sick Fuckin O - Sex Cells EP
Dirty red/black smoke vinyl /100 i think?
I won these on eBay a few weeks back, i put a small bit on them all thinking i wouldn't win any of them or be lucky and maybe win one but for some reason no one else bid on them and i got them all haha, was pretty stoked..
Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew Demo
Black Vinyl - /400
White Vinyl - /200
Blue Vinyl - /300

Grabbed this from some distro, not real sure what the go with it is but i think its the 2nd run on Red tape /50.. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Noose - Demo 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010


last month i was up at my brothers house in sydney picking up some stuff and lurking through his box of tapes trying to find something he would sell me haha. by the end of it he came to the conclusion he didnt want any of them and i could take them all (50+ tapes).. This was one of the tapes in the bunch i was pretty happy to score... I'll probably post some of the other tapes every now and then for you all to check out, but for now here is the

Meatlocker - Demo

I dont know any details on the tape but its some kind of pre 12" release cause these 4 songs are the same as on the LP.. if anyone knows how many of these exist or anything let me know..
Demo tape release from one of sydney's newest addition Vigilante, they did a run of /100 themselves on cd-r for HARDCORE2010 (although they didnt play it) and probably their first show.. Cade from benchpress released this on his label 'No Policy', im not sure how many he did up but you can still probably grab a copy off him on

Vigilante - Demo 2010

A couple of mates of mine play in this band, they started out early this year and have only played a handfull of shows and just recently put out this demo.. I finally went to check them out last week and they were fucking awesome! this is a sweet demo but doesn't justify watching them play these songs live.. Email them for a copy -

Love Shy - Demo 2010