Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is the 2003 13 track demo from Direct Control, these dudes hail from Richmond, Virginia in the USA. Eveything i have heard from this band sounds like it came straight from the 80s and never lets down from start to finish, i have been listening to a lot of these guys lately and they have definitely become one of my favourites. If you wanna have a listen to this demo you can suss it here...

Direct Control - Demo 2003These songs were originally intended for a split LP
with Reason of Insanity but for some reason it never happened...

Better look at the artwork

Lyrics insert

This is the Far From Breaking 'Think Twice' promo tape for their West coast tour in 2002, i dont really know any details on this tape but it was put out by Young Blood Records... Pretty straight forward youth crew stuff out of Texas

Far From Breaking - Think Twice Tour Tape
- Young Blood Records -


  1. its amazing to think that tarpey went from singing in that band to vocalizing for iron age, pulling many bongs and releasing heaps of stoner esque metal on his record label. hardcore is sketchy business.

  2. Haha i didnt even know that, you're an info machine shaun