Monday, October 25, 2010


This band has had a lot of talk around it lately and i can definitely see why, it reminds me of something like DYS just a bit faster... I grabbed this copy from Sex Tapes a few weeks back and im pretty sure they are now all gone, they were limited to /200 copies so if you cant find one anywhere i suggest you download it from HERE.

Noose - Demo 2010

While i was on the sex tapes webstore i picked up the Barriers tape from Boiling Over.. I think this is the best stuff they have done, if you are keen on the other stuff you should definitely give this tape a listen. You can probably stil get it from the webstore or download it...

Boiling Over - Barriers


I dunno why it took me so long to get this 7" but im glad i finally have a hard copy of it in my collection.. This was released on life line records back in 2009 on a few different colours/cover variations, mine is on clear vinyl w/ normal cover /350...

Boiling Over - Trash City


iv had the normal version of this record for quite a while now but just won this preorder edition on ebay a few weeks back.. its exactly the same as my other version except for this half sized fold over alternate cover thing with mogwai from the gremlins on it...

Attitude - Piss And Vinegar 'Preorder Press' 26/50Normal cover on piss colour vinly /???Foldout


I got onto this band a few years back when a mate of mine was selling his copy on blue marble + a buch of other 7"s he didnt want anymore, i had never heard of this band and dont usually buy records of bands i haven't heard but i thought why not as he only wanted $5 for it. I recently grabbed this other version off ebay so i thought id post them up.

Double Crossed - Your Attitude Bites "Fuck Steve Kane" stamp - Clear vinyl /100 foldout insert
and the blue marble version /45

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is the Fuck Bar Culture 7" from DC's Coke Bust, this record rips shit over anything they have done in my opinion although its seems to over by the time you put the needle down and find somewhere to sit... This was released on Third Party Records back in 2007.

Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture
photocopied foldout if you want a better look
Gold vinyl limited to 100

Monday, October 18, 2010


I have run out of the cd version of the All In Brawl demo so if you or anyone you know might be keen on checking it out you can now download it from the link posted under the arwork...

1. All In Brawl
2. In Our Hearts
3. Scumbag Parents
4. On One Hand

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Iv had this tape for a while now but just never got around to posting it. This would have to be my favourite release from Fed Up, the songs seem to be a lot more funner than the later stuff or something, i dunno i can't put my finger on it.. I'm waiting on the new 7" and have been told its pretty solid so ill just have to wait and see for myself. I think you can still maybe order this tape from True Violence On Tape...
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This is the 2003 13 track demo from Direct Control, these dudes hail from Richmond, Virginia in the USA. Eveything i have heard from this band sounds like it came straight from the 80s and never lets down from start to finish, i have been listening to a lot of these guys lately and they have definitely become one of my favourites. If you wanna have a listen to this demo you can suss it here...

Direct Control - Demo 2003These songs were originally intended for a split LP
with Reason of Insanity but for some reason it never happened...

Better look at the artwork

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This is the Far From Breaking 'Think Twice' promo tape for their West coast tour in 2002, i dont really know any details on this tape but it was put out by Young Blood Records... Pretty straight forward youth crew stuff out of Texas

Far From Breaking - Think Twice Tour Tape
- Young Blood Records -

Monday, October 11, 2010


I was playing this 7" today and decided to throw it up on the blog cause its a pretty good listen, its the 4th release by Who Cares Records over in france, same deal as always with these guys, 1 sided black vinyl limited to 300 copies and 50 on a limited cover.. I dont know much about this band apart from what i have read HERE, if you wanna check out this EP you can download it from Mediafire...
- Regular Cover -


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- Limited Cover -