Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is another variation of the extortion demo 7", i was told by john from Coffin Cut Records there were only about 10 of these made cause he had run out of the proper sleeves so he photocopied some on tracing paper.. i was lucky enough to get his last one so if you have a copy keep it close cause they will be hard to come across...

Extortion - Demo 7"
-alternate cover-


I dont think i really need to say a great deal on this band but for those of you who dont know TC were a straight edge band from belgium who played youth crew that was highly influenced by Youth Of Today..

Some guy a couple a weeks back put a whole bunch of TC records up on ebay including 3 test presses, i was pretty keen to win one of these so i set my alarm for 5am so i could get up and bid... i actually missed out on all 3 of them and went back to bed a cranky dude haha, but when i got up that morning i found i had an email from the guy saying he still had one more test press of the Control Records version of 'consider it done' and i could just buy it from him if i was keen... It was a decent price so i jumped right on it..

True Colors - Consider It Done (test press)
-Control Records-

Monday, March 7, 2011


Ive posted about these guys a few times before and had these records ready to put up on here a while ago but just completely forgot about them.. This EP of Nuclear Tomorrow on green vinyl is the 4th pressing on Sorry State Records, i picked this up second hand at missing link records for like $5..

Direct Control - Nuclear Tomorrow
Green vinyl /500
And here is the 1st pressing of the s/t on Kangaroo Records - Black vinyl /???

Direct Control - S/t


I picked up this LP from the band back in december at the Knife Fight, SJN, Extortion show at the arthouse in melbourne.. i was told it was a misspress and was used for the europe tour they did back in 2010, i think the only reason it was a misspress was because the gaps between the songs were too long.. As you can see the in the picture the artwork is a little different to the original and is printed on a thick kind of tracing paper.

Straightjacket Nation - Cheap Kicks
Stamped and numbered on side A - 15/100 - Blank label side B
Same insert as the OG version...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was pretty into this band a few years back but kind of fell off the boat after the first few releases, i just wasnt getting into the new stuff they were doing on the splits as much. the singer used to be in a band called A Poor Excuse prior to FTW, thats how i got onto these guys.. I ordered this from Arrest Records a while back as a pre-order just cause i was curious how they were sounding these days and was keen to own a 10" from FTW. About a week or 2 after i ordered it they linked a new track up on facebook for everyone to check out, i was siked to hear some new suff but was disappointed with the song so i kind of lost interest again. I totally forgot i had ordered the record until it showed up the other week but i gave the whole thing a listen cause its pretty stupid to just boycott the album from 1 track.. All in all i was glad i did buy this record because its pretty damn good, the singer has a similar vocal style to Roger Miret from Agnostic Front..

For The Worse - For The Good, For The Bad...


A couple of mates of mine play in this band based out of melbourne, they were all in pretty awesome bands previous to RA except meatdog, i think this might be his 1st band? anyways they released a demo themselves back in mid 2010 or something and played a handful of shows. after the demo got out and about - i think it was someone from Urban Blight? who also did Combat Action Tapes did a run of 200 more demos for them cause the band only did a small run and everyone wanted one... i hear those 200tapes sold out in something crazy like 5-7 days! i heard A LOT of talk about this being the demo of the year and in every forum i was on, every HC blog i was reading it seemed like someone was talking about this band or the demo.

Six feet Under Records decided it was good enough for 7", so here we have it - the Reckless Aggression demo on 7".. Black vinyl, different artwork to the OG demo tape, /500. In my opinion this was one of the best demos of 2010 and im glad to now own it on vinyl - 8 originals and an awesome 4 Skins cover. i very much doubt you havent heard of this band by now or dont own a download of it, but if you have been living under a rock for the past few months i suggest you get ahold of it somehow.


This is the new 5" from Vaccine... This band is a sXe supergroup out of Massachusetts, they play fast as fuck hardcore with straight to the point lyrics about what they hate most, these 5 songs (2min 17sec) of pure rage was put out by Painkiller Records, get a copy if you dont own one already.

Vaccine - Crimes In Blood