Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was pretty into this band a few years back but kind of fell off the boat after the first few releases, i just wasnt getting into the new stuff they were doing on the splits as much. the singer used to be in a band called A Poor Excuse prior to FTW, thats how i got onto these guys.. I ordered this from Arrest Records a while back as a pre-order just cause i was curious how they were sounding these days and was keen to own a 10" from FTW. About a week or 2 after i ordered it they linked a new track up on facebook for everyone to check out, i was siked to hear some new suff but was disappointed with the song so i kind of lost interest again. I totally forgot i had ordered the record until it showed up the other week but i gave the whole thing a listen cause its pretty stupid to just boycott the album from 1 track.. All in all i was glad i did buy this record because its pretty damn good, the singer has a similar vocal style to Roger Miret from Agnostic Front..

For The Worse - For The Good, For The Bad...

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  1. still hardcore or more oi ?? cuz that song on facebook sucks