Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I dont think i really need to say a great deal on this band but for those of you who dont know TC were a straight edge band from belgium who played youth crew that was highly influenced by Youth Of Today..

Some guy a couple a weeks back put a whole bunch of TC records up on ebay including 3 test presses, i was pretty keen to win one of these so i set my alarm for 5am so i could get up and bid... i actually missed out on all 3 of them and went back to bed a cranky dude haha, but when i got up that morning i found i had an email from the guy saying he still had one more test press of the Control Records version of 'consider it done' and i could just buy it from him if i was keen... It was a decent price so i jumped right on it..

True Colors - Consider It Done (test press)
-Control Records-

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