Friday, November 25, 2011


I've posted about this band/record on here a bunch of times before so im not gonna say much about it, i grabbed this from the guy who runs SFU Records after he had it up on ebay about a month back, i did throw a bid down but didn't end up winning. Lucky enough though he sent me an email the next day asking if i just wanted to buy one from him, so thats exactly what i did.

Hand written 'RA TEST' side A and blank label side B. /13 copies in total

same insert and layout as regular pressing


Not to sure why it has taken me so long to get these records? but here we have 2 of the earlier TTT 7" from 93' & 96' when the band actually played some good HC... I nabbed these off of ebay as a set for something stupid like $15 which is awesome considering how much ive seen these go for each on there before.

Toe To Toe - Unanimous Points Decision
-Punchdrunk Productions-

Toe To Toe - No Gods
-Kangaroo Records-

Monday, November 7, 2011


So i get a message from an old mate of mine up in sydney on saturday asking if i was going to the show that night his band The Bladder Spasms were playing here in canberra and if i was coming along he would have a present for me... I wont ramble on to much but was i fucking stoked when i rocked up and he had for me an original 1981 press of Angry Samoans 'The Queer Pills' 7", what a champion!

Angry Samoans - The Queer Pills


Probably about a month or so ago now i was searching The Boston Strangler in google to see if i could find any more info about the LP that is being released sometime early next year on Fun With Smack Records and i stumbled upon a forum post about a promo tape that someone was after from a show they played in new york not too long ago. i had not heard anything about this tape until then and after hearing the 'primitive' track they put up i needed to find a copy. I eventually tracked down the bands singer Ban to see if he had any left or could put me onto anyone that might have a copy for sale, he didnt have any but put me on to the guitarist Cliff and i was lucky enough to score one of the last copies.

The Boston Strangler - 3 Song Promo

not sure how many of these were made?

Monday, September 19, 2011


New 7" from California's female fronted band PUNCH on a 3 way split release by 625 Thrashcore, Discos Huelga and Deathwish Inc. This is the Blue vinyl edition, i think there is another 3 versions on clear, white and black/blue - not too sure how many on this colour but i know the clear one is out of /100 and was for the August 2011 tour...

PUNCH - Nothing Lasts E.P

Monday, August 22, 2011


I dont think i need to say much about this band? ive been after the 1st pressing of this record forever and i finally won a copy on ebay about a month ago - this s/t and Antidote's 'thou shalt not kill' are my favourite records to come out of the NYHC scene and im pretty happy to own a copy of this cause i know ill never have the $500 + to drop on the antidote 7" haha...
I wish i paid no more than $3 for this bloody thing hah

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This is my other band that i play bass for... there is a download of this floating about but only the songs - this one comes w/ full insert, lyrics etc. I still have hard copies so if you are keen on one just hit me up and if you could pass it around the place that would be great!

Monday, August 8, 2011



Ive posted about these guys a heap of times on here before so im not gonna go too much into it, as most of you that read my blog would know VA are one of my favourite bands (as i say every fucking time i post about them haha) and this is their new LP 'Tooth And Nail' out on a 3way split release by Tadpole, Boss Tuneage & Farewell Records. This album is as tuff and angry as anything they have done - Get on it!

Violent Arrest - Tooth And Nail
Black vinyl /525 copies


Another band with members from Mind Eraser and Hatred Surge - this is probably the best record ive heard in a while with dudes playing this kind of HC/powerviolence, catchy break down bits with fast as fuck riffs inbetween that reminds me a little of the s/t Low Threat Profile 7". Again if you are into bands like Infest etc get onto this record, you will love it.


This is the latest 7" by canadian powerviolence band Vile Intent out on Diseased Audio Records...
Nothing fancy about this, nice simple B&W layout on black vinyl /300, 6songs clocking in at just under 10min, mind you there is an instrumental track entitled "Gait Analysis" that is about 5min long with about 2min of feedback - if you are keen on bands like Infest and Crossed Out you will like these guys, very fast and angry...

Vile Intent - Regression To The Mean

Monday, August 1, 2011


Here we have the 3rd release from Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace Records, this 7" has been talked about a fair bit lately most likely because of the other bands they play/played in (Mind Eraser / The Rival Mob + more). The main reason i did check out these guys was because of the bands they are in now or were in at one stage and its always interesting to see dudes from well known HC bands playing some Oi!...

Monday, July 25, 2011


Not to long ago now Midnight funeral did a 2nd pressing of the 'Lone' LP by perth's SUFFER, only this time round he pressed all the tracks from lone on side A and decided to put the 'Blood Wars' demo on side B... i thought this was pretty cool considering BW was the first suff i heard from these guys and always thought it would be good on vinyl.

SUFFER - Lone / Blood Wars

-Normal Pressing-
/100-Tour Pressing-
numbered /23
sticker on outer plastic sleeve
-Test Pressing-
sticker on outer plastic sleeve
Inserts are the same for all versions
-Lone Insert-
Blood Wars insert