Saturday, January 1, 2011


A couple of mates of mine used to play in this band out of sydney, i only ever got to see them a few times but they were sick live.. Not quite sure how long they were around for but i do know in the short time they were about they did a S.E Asian Tour.. I got this 7" in Missing Link Records down in melbourne at the start of DEC, i thought it was a pretty sweet score for $5... I was told how many of these clear ones were made but i cant remember, im pretty sure it was /100 though...

Repoman - Quality Time EP


Grabbed this from the Disinfect distro about a month or so ago, pretty much an Infest worship band (but with two vocalists) from Turkey. There are a lot of bands that try pull off the Infest/Joe Denunzio vocal style and just cant do it for shit - these guys are not one of them bands. Solid record.

Un Quarto Morto

These guys are currently in australia playing some shows, i think it was something like 14 in total and im pretty sure they only have 1 more before they head back to Italy... Luckily enough my band got put on two of the shows and i got to see these guys more than once. This is the 'Australian Tour 2010' 7" that Tommy Goodtimes put out/who did the whole tour for them... I picked this up at the Canberra show they played (in a sex dungeon)

Un Quarto Morto - Australian Tour 2010
-Goodtimes Records- Numbered /150...
about 5 of them i think tommy said were stupidly numbered or not numbered at all... I got one that wasnt numbered. Setlist from the sex dungeon