Friday, November 25, 2011


I've posted about this band/record on here a bunch of times before so im not gonna say much about it, i grabbed this from the guy who runs SFU Records after he had it up on ebay about a month back, i did throw a bid down but didn't end up winning. Lucky enough though he sent me an email the next day asking if i just wanted to buy one from him, so thats exactly what i did.

Hand written 'RA TEST' side A and blank label side B. /13 copies in total

same insert and layout as regular pressing


Not to sure why it has taken me so long to get these records? but here we have 2 of the earlier TTT 7" from 93' & 96' when the band actually played some good HC... I nabbed these off of ebay as a set for something stupid like $15 which is awesome considering how much ive seen these go for each on there before.

Toe To Toe - Unanimous Points Decision
-Punchdrunk Productions-

Toe To Toe - No Gods
-Kangaroo Records-

Monday, November 7, 2011


So i get a message from an old mate of mine up in sydney on saturday asking if i was going to the show that night his band The Bladder Spasms were playing here in canberra and if i was coming along he would have a present for me... I wont ramble on to much but was i fucking stoked when i rocked up and he had for me an original 1981 press of Angry Samoans 'The Queer Pills' 7", what a champion!

Angry Samoans - The Queer Pills


Probably about a month or so ago now i was searching The Boston Strangler in google to see if i could find any more info about the LP that is being released sometime early next year on Fun With Smack Records and i stumbled upon a forum post about a promo tape that someone was after from a show they played in new york not too long ago. i had not heard anything about this tape until then and after hearing the 'primitive' track they put up i needed to find a copy. I eventually tracked down the bands singer Ban to see if he had any left or could put me onto anyone that might have a copy for sale, he didnt have any but put me on to the guitarist Cliff and i was lucky enough to score one of the last copies.

The Boston Strangler - 3 Song Promo

not sure how many of these were made?