Sunday, May 9, 2010


A few things that arrived late last week that i didn't get a chance to post..
First off is the Reckless Aggression demo tape that Meatdog sent to me... 9 pissed off songs in the style of negative approach and early agnostic front. Dudes in the band also play in Bulldog Spirit and Life's Fate

Artwork by front-man Allan Meatdog Cowie

Next up is the 'Extort' demo from florida's Nazi Dust.. I dont really need to say much about this band as everybody seems to be balls deep into them.. This looks like a self release to me or someone just bootlegged it, im not too sure? so if anyone can fill me in that would be sweet

Just a few more colours of 'Rush Of Hope' on RED & YELLOW to add too my True Colors collection.. this lot is on 'Six Feet Under Records'
Last show flyer
id probably kill a dude to go to this show.

Most people that look at this blog would have no idea who Vanilla Muffins are or even get into them, they play a style called 'Sugar Oi!' which is nice and catchy with good sing a longs. I dig this band a lot and pretty much everything they have released...
Double 7'' Gate fold on Red vinyl /300

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