Monday, May 24, 2010


So i was in sydney for the weekend and went to visit my brother who had a few things for me that he was going to post earlier in the week but forgot too. he wouldnt tell me what they were but did i get a surprise when i opened the package...

This is the A.V.O demo tape from 1998 numbered out of 5...
one for each member and one for kangaroo records
apparently these songs were released on 'Remain on the fringe' Comp 7",
'trough boy' was also on a kangaroo records compilation 7"..
This was the other tape in the package, iv been looking hard for this for many years along with the demo tape that i only just got a hold of last week.. This is the live demo that was record in Newcastle 1997...
Canberra Oldskool Hate Core
Better look at the front...


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