Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here we have the latest 7" from Massachusetts Vaccine, 10 fast as fuck songs rounding up to something crazy like 4 minutes and 14 seconds. if you like your hc fast and to the point i recommend you check these guys out if you haven't already.

I grabbed the black vinyl from Painkiller Records and the limited Red version from eBay.

Vaccine - Human Hatred
- /418 black vinyl & /203 red vinyl -

Nice big foldout

And the new 7" from Knife Fight also on Painkiller Records, this is pretty different to the early stuff i think, not that its a bad thing but id still prefer listening to the s/t.. These guys are doing an Australian tour in DEC, pretty keen to check them out!

Knife Fight - Isolated

Black vinyl /1000 Big fold out.. Not heaps keen on this artwork, iv seen worse though.. Other side w/ lyrics. i couldnt get a good photo of this
with my camera on my phone but you get the idea

Iv had this one for a while now but just didnt get a chance to post it.. i dont think i need to say a great deal about this record, its one of the best releases of the 80s and was recently reissued by Bridge 9 Records..

Antidote - Thou Shalt Not Kill Green vinyl /300
Bit of history
This is the Reckless Aggression cassette demo that was just recently released on Combat Action Tapes in the states, i blogged about this a while back with the self release of this the band did if you wanna check it out HERE.

Reckless Aggression - Demo
- Combat Action Tapes -
Its the exact layout as the self release but
with a better looking tape and a pro printed insert on card.
And finally this DYS hat i scored from B9, pretty sure these sold out real fast.

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