Thursday, June 10, 2010


I seem to be posting a lot of true colors stuff lately and probably boring everyone with it but it all just seemed to turn up in the past week or so for some reason even tho i did order them a fair time apart from each other... 3 TC records were in the mail today, the other 2 that i probably wont post were the ones i didn't receive with my SFU pre-orders because he for got to add them to my order.. I was hoping they would be the 2 colors i didn't get (black & white) but i got 2 on black so hopefully i can trade one for a white copy.. Anyways i have been after this 7" for a while now and was outbid the 3-4 times i did see it on eBay but about a month or so ago i did happen to win it for less then the other times it did go for so i was pretty stoked.

This is the 'Pre-Order Edition' of True Colors S/t 7" on Not Just Words Records.

Fold over flap #'d 78/100
Dudes doing a rad pose.. haha ^^^

White vinyl /525 - but only 100 with the camo cover
'It's Ok Not To Drink!'
and a sticker...

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  1. more like true FAGGGGARS.

    xoxo, gossip girl