Saturday, June 19, 2010


So a week or so ago i get a message from a guy on the BGO forum saying 'i saw you were after true colors records... i would consider selling these...' and showed me a list of what he had. I did have most of them except these Silk Screen covers of 'Focus On The Light' and 'Rush Of Hope' that were sold together as some sort of pack on Six Feet Under Records. I seen these on Ebay a while back but i was pretty broke at the time and couldn't bid...

True Colors - Focus On The Light
White vinyl /78
There is also another 94 copies on white vinyl
numbered w/alternate FOTL cover
that were sold on the US tour 2010

True Colors - Focus On The Light
This cover has a little wear n tear as you can see on the top left.
and on the top (not shown in the picture)
Yellow vinyl /79..
There is also another 221 yellow vinyl with normal ROH cover..
Closer look at the labels - A
I also received my Ill Brigade pre-order yesterday.. i was never very keen on this band except the 'Seasons In The Sun' demo from back when they were called ILL. I checked out the new song they put up on the myspace not that long ago and thought it was alright so i ordered the 7" from Resist Records... After listening to this record id say the song they put up on the myspace is my least favorite song on the 7" but the other songs are raging pretty hard and the last song is a Breakdown cover..

Ill Brigade - In This Age


I think this purple vinyl was only for the pre-order..
im not to sure/dunno how many were pressed?
Come with a poster
Hand numbered 25/50

Few other things i scored off another guy on BGO. Cant go wrong with $5 7"s...

Outbreak - You Make us Sick
Lyrics insert
Yellow/Green Swirl Vinyl /340
-label same on both sides-

Shark Attack - Blood In The Water
-B9 Repress-
originally on My War records...
Black Vinyl w/ Red Labels /1500

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