Monday, June 14, 2010


I was lurking myspace the other week and come across the Life To Live Records page... I had a listen through the player and really enjoyed a couple of bands on there so i ordered a few 7" from the Big cartel...

This youth crew band Outlast from New Jersey caught my eye (or ear) the most out of everything.. I heard about this band before but never actually checked them out, glad i did tho this 7" is killer.

Blue vinyl
not sure how many of this colour were pressed
but if anyone could help that would be sweet

Alert - Demo 2008

this band reminds me a lot like Minor Threat... Very solid for a demo.
foldout insert
Clear vinyl /200
that side..

I got the new 7" from Damages because when i first had a listen to these guys it did remind me a little of the Swedish band Victims... After having a good listen i couldn't really get into it at all...

Red vinyl /125

And finally i grabbed this White Male Dumbinance/Masstrauma split from a local record shop on friday night, was pretty weird cause they don't usually have this kinda stuff for sale..

Photocopy insert -
Black vinyl...

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