Thursday, June 24, 2010


About a month or so ago i was up in Sydney to play a show and my brother insisted i go check out this Repressed Records in newtown cause he always finds a bargain... So on the Saturday i went in there and left with about 20 records and only spent $50, Cant go wrong with a $5 bargain bin.. I might get around to putting some of the other finds up but for now check out these 2...

Female fronted vocals, pretty raging.. This 7" is awesome but the other stuff iv heard i cant really get into all that much, if you wanna check it out here is a Download link.

I Object - S/t
fold over back
Over sized folded lyrics sheet
weird fold over...
Hardcore For The Punx
1 sided - Redish/Pink vinyl
Silkscreen B-side

This 7" was first Released on Kangaroo Records back in 2004 and Repressed in 2008 on Grave Mistake Records... This is the repress version.. Awesome 80's style hardcore from Richmond, Virginia.

Direct Control - S/t
i think the original cover was just on white paper..
Folded out..
First press, black vinyl /850

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