Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My pre-orders for the six feet under records version of 'consider it done' by True Colors finally arrived today.. I ordered 1 pre-order and 3 lots of the normal gate-fold 7" hoping to get all the colours but for some reason i only received 2..? i did email they guy so hopefully i will get the other 2 sent over soon enough but for now here are the 2 i did get...

At first when i listened to this record a few weeks back (yeah i downloaded it cause i couldn't wait any longer) i only liked the 1st and last song and was pretty disappointed with the rest but did keep listening and they did grow on me a lot / I'm pretty keen on it now

/104 Olive Green vinyl
Cool little thing on side B including all the songs
This was the pre-order edition that come with a 'bonus 7″ limited to 200 copies.It contains remastered versions of several rare True Colors comp tracks, unreleased demo versions and outtakes.' Only 100 were available for mail order and you could only get it if you ordered consider it done.
Black vinyl - Stamped both sides
And this is the normal gate-fold version on Clear vinyl... Its exactly the same as the pre order just with no second 7"... /300 Clear

Comes with a poster
And lyrics sheet on the other side..

Next up is The Rival Mob - Hardcore 4 Hardcore 'promotional tape', i picked this up on eBay a few weeks ago cause no one else bid on it apart for 1 other dude and i won it for pretty cheap.. Good tape, 4 songs, nice and pissed off....


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  1. ahhh that dinosaur pic on the HC4HC tape is amazing! hahaha!