Thursday, July 29, 2010


Scored all these from a dude on the B9 fourm, he was a pretty cool guy and let them go for decent price... All on my war records...

Shark Attack - Blood In The Water
Came with a sticker
Black vinyl - not sure how many of these were pressed?
Shark Attack - Feeding Frenzy Demo
My War Records stamp on the inside
Black vinyl /300?

He was also selling 3 lots of the s/t knife fight 7"
'folded sleeve,regular glued sleeve & the summer tour sleeve (stamped)'
The folded & the glued version are exactly the same apart from the obvious...
(one is a fold over and the other is glued)
Black vinyl
Again i dunno how many were pressed
This is the back of the 'Summer Tour Sleeve' front is the same as above
My War Records Stamp

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