Monday, May 9, 2011


ive been looking for this 7" for a while now and have only seen it up on ebay once or twice before and the first time i seen it up i was pretty broke and it went for something like $60 - $70... This time round i was lucky enough to have a bit of cash and win it, it didnt go for as much as it did the other times wich was pretty cool / a good score for me...

For those of you who aren't familiar with NYC Mayhem they later became Straight Ahead and the songs on this record were ment to be released as a 14 track EP but it never saw the light of day for some reason?

Then a label called Revoltation Records from the UK (who i think just put out Bootlegs?) released this in 1990, there is also another version with sleeves that have red print instead of black and dont have blank lables... also RR cut the 1st track off the record wich i hear was an instrumental intro and made it a '13 track EP' for what ever reason?

NYC Mayhem - 'We Stand' 13 song 7"
I think there is only /500 of these made, i dont know if that includes
the version with the red print or its 500 on each...
scratched off serial number side A and B

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