Wednesday, May 11, 2011


These guys (and girl) are from Austria and are currently touring australia, to my knowledge they were ment to be doing 7 shows in total but i think one of the melbourne gigs was canned and i know for sure the canberra one was cause i was the one putting it on, long story short there was a big fuck around with venues and support bands pulling out and i couldnt do anything else about it.. Ruidosa Inmundicia would have to be my favourite female fronted band around, they play just the kind of fast full on angry HC i love, if you get a chance to go watch RI i suggest you do so, i hear they are one of the best currant live bands around. i am spewing they arnt playing canberra anymore!

this was the last release they did back in 2010 - you can download it out Here if you like or suss out a Track... this 7" and the demo would have to be my favourite 2 releases but everything they have done is pretty awesome.

Ruidosa Inmundicia - Huellas De Odio

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