Friday, December 17, 2010


Insurance Risk were a norwegian sXe band from the late 90s, these dudes are heavily influenced by bands like SSD, DYS etc as you can hear pretty much as soon as the 1st song kicks in.. This LP consists of the bands previous 7"s 'how much more' & 'no pitty' so i guess you could call this a discography...

If you wanna check out this record (i suggest you do) you can download it from link below

Red vinyl /261

Every time i have ordered a 12" from Crucial Response
one of the corners looks like this, pretty pissed off about it.

This is the bands 1st release 'How Much More...'
on Crucial Response Records back in 1999

Insurance Risk - How Much More...
Red label version /170
28/170 Green vinyl /404
Silkscreen sleeves (raw data No. 13) /107
Same insert in all the 7"s...

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