Thursday, March 25, 2010


Very glad i scored this... It was a 'buy now' on eBay for a very small price for some reason i don't know of cause im pretty sure if it was up for bid the dude could of got a fair bit for it... when i received this demo and had a listen i was a bit suss about it being a 'demo' and thought it could of been some kind of bootleg cause the songs are the same recording as the 7" but i found out today that it is legit and basically the band had the s/t 7" + total hate recorded so they made these to sell until the record was ready as a kind of promo thing...

Total hate is not on the 7" but was recorded the same session and was only put on this tape and the 'Going Nowhere fast' discography CD which was accidentally listed it as "terror boys" on the back of the cd...

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