Wednesday, March 17, 2010


MARCHING ORDERS - Days Gone By - Gate-fold LP
MO are easily my favorite Oi! band that's come out of australia or anywhere else for that matter. First full length on LP from these guys, 14 new tracks that were record a while back and were ment to be put out something like a year ago but there was a huge delay.. I picked these up from Longshot Music... good place to buy your Oi!/Street Punk from, they do cool colours/gatefold and have pretty sweet deals if your interested in getting something on every colour and ship very fast..

This stuff is a bit slower then the other releases bit is still catchy as fuck.

All 3 colours..
Also comes with a rad lyrics insert with a bit of history of
australian skins & sharpies on the other side + the tracks on a cd

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