Friday, March 19, 2010


There is nothing better then coming home from work finding a heap of packages waiting for you.. It must be the week for test presses, this is the 3rd one i got this week and i still got 2 more on the way.. so far.

BLACK SS - Foreign Object - Test Press
Closer look the awesome art..
(definitely going to get this printed on a shirt)

Out of /45
The dude who i got it from also threw in a heap of 7"

cause i paid a fair bit for this + shipping was a prick as usual..
I ain't heard 3 of these bands before so ill have a listen
and put them up in another pose some other time.

KANGAROO RECORDS - Compilation 7"s
picked these up from Tommy Goodtimes mostly because they have AVO on them but KR puts out some pretty good hardcore and i was keen to check out the other stuff out on it..

Loved By Few... Hated By Most
Im pretty sure the AVO song on here
was only released on this compilation

Comes with a big poster

Other 7"

Another poster, this one is smaller tho
and on the other side of the lyrics insert

Last but not least John from Coffin Cut Records did me a trade for these for some other flyers and such.. Loose Screws poster and some normal/pre-order covers for the Demo 7" that should be out soon+ stickers and buttons.

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