Sunday, March 14, 2010


GGF - Punk Tribe
street punk band from Melbourne 1997-2002..
iv been playing this a fair bit lately so i thought id share..

Here is a Bio that was written by the drummer
(who now drums for Bulldog Spirit)

Formed sometime in early 1997, G.G.F. was the brainchild of Sam, Vile and Matt, who after many drunken nights together decided to form a band and play some punk. Buzz was added on guitar to complete the line-up, and after a few rehearsals and a few gigs together, including a trip to Adelaide for Easter weekend, Matt left the band to join H-Block 101.
I joined in early 1998 and by then the band already had a following of Melbourne’s punks and skins. We played pretty much anywhere we could: pubs, parties, anywhere that would have us. We travelled back to Adelaide in winter to play two shows there. In late 1998 we recorded some tracks over two days at a backyard studio in Brighton, however due to the finished product not being up to scratch they were never released.
1999 was a huge year for the band, and often we were playing shows almost every weekend, sometimes Friday and Saturday nights. We travelled around the state playing to crowds in Geelong, Ballarat, and all over the city. Everywhere from peoples backyard parties, the Saturday afternoon all ages shows at Midian in Richmond which became an institution, to the Thumping Tum in Richmond, a venue that we made our own. In winter of 1999 we recorded 4 songs at True Form in Spotswood; these were later to come out on our only release, a 7”. A couple of months later Andrew joined the band as a second guitarist, and his talent and creativity took us to a whole new level. Later in the year we recoded two more tracks, a cover of Bastard Squad’s “We Don’t Give A Fuck”, which featured on the Bastard Squad tribute CD, and a song called “Our Way”, which came out on a worldwide street punk compilation called “Moloko Plus”, featuring bands from all across the world.
2000 was similar, though we played less shows, the band was still writing and rehearsing often. January saw G.G.F. play a show at the Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy, and years on Melbourne’s punk bands continue to gig there. In Easter of 2000 we travelled to Sydney to play one show at the Iron Duke with the Blurters and Blurred Vision. Autumn saw the launch of the much anticipated 7”, “Punk Tribe”, which came out through Run Amok records. The launch was at the Thumping Tum in Richmond, and was a huge night for the band. The rest of the year was spent playing shows around Melbourne’s pubs and clubs.
2001 began like any other year, with us playing around the traps, we also recorded for the last time in winter, for an E.P we had planned to release called “New Age”. The songs were never released. In late 2001 Andrew had gotten a job as a chef so it was decided to call it a day.
However in 2002 we got together again and decided to have another crack, with our “reunion” show at the Birmy being one of the best shows we ever did, in my opinion. We played a handful of shows during 2002, and in winter we played Dream nightclub to a packed house. Due to Andrew wanting to focus on his career and tension between some of the members, that was the last time G.G.F would ever play together.
An attempt to revive the band with new members in early 2006 was short lived, and I doubt very much whether the band will ever reform. Maybe one day I will release the last E.P we recorded, who knows…


  1. One of the best bands Melbourne has ever seen!

  2. wheres the fucking download link you bastard?

  3. another anonymous ...!
    i've got 'crass is dead' on some old tape, and love it. sounds like back in the early 80s. i would be very appreciated to hear the whole ep. any chance you upload it here?


  5. thank you so much!

  6. ... but these are the tracks from myspace, lacking side a of the single. do you have these two tracks, too, or were they just renamed? btw, 'new age' is a d.o.a. cover, isn't it?