Monday, September 20, 2010


I spotted this at Clint's (short fuse records) distro he had set up back may 2009 at the Trash Talk/Extortion show here in canberra, i didn't have the cash on me at the time to grab it off him but he happened to save it for me and i never got around to sending him the cash, i seen him a few times in sydney since then and he kept reminding me he still had it if i was keen, he then moved to melbourne and i kind of just forgot about it. I was up in sydney again on the weekend to play a show and clint happen to be in town and came down to the the show with the record...

Anyways this is a pretty sweet 12", its the 'down the drain' tour version and it comes with a screen printed fabric cover tied together with a piece of twine on clear vinyl, i think there was only 200 of these made? i could be wrong so if anyone knows more info on this please let me know..

Vitamin X - Down The Drain
-2002 Thrashfest tour edition-


Normal cover underneath

I dunno what it is but i have a thing for clear vinyl
Closer look at the center label
Lyrics inserts...

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  1. Hey!!!
    Awesome record!!!
    I bid hard on Ebay for it one month ago.
    You won it!!!

    Look my blog. Some days without a post, but this weekend I'll show some new records...