Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been after this demo for a while now and have never come across it before until just recently on eBay, i hadn't actually heard this demo before today and was quite pleased with it, id say its up there with the other releases but obviously not as good quality sounding. If you can find a download of it i suggest you hit it up / send me the link..

Life Trap - Demo 2006

Yellow Tape - Yellow Cover

(i have also seen other variations of this)

I won both these tapes from the same dude on ebay so i thought id just post them together.. These guys are from the Netherlands and play a youth crew sounding skate punk, kind of mix between Vitamin X and True Colors, pretty fun stuff..

Nothing Done - 'With Alex' Demo

Foldout Insert

Scanned in..

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  1. if you want a second press copy of this lemme know, i can do you a deal on one...