Sunday, April 4, 2010


TAIPAN played a show here in canberra on friday night as part of the 'Adlays Of Autumn' tour with EARTHINGS and RORT... show was fucking awesome and i will upload some videos of the 3 bands probably tonight sometime... Anyways taipan recorded some new songs midway through the year and did up this tape for the tour.. i think originally they were ment to be for a 7" but they didnt like how the dude mixed and mastered it so they had a fuck around with it and made it sound a bit dirtier and just decided to put it on tape...

Im pretty sure they only did up 50 copies
you can see here they weren't very
impressed with the guy who recorded it haha..

I also picked this up from my mate Dancore at the show.. he got a heap of suffer tapes a while back for his distro when bloodwars came out and mikey chucked in this limited cover for him and since dan isn't very big on collecting everything from a band he was happy enough to sell this to me. The tape also comes with the normal version of the cover inside #'d out of 100

SUFFER - Blood Wars - Limited cover
(ringworm ripoff)


  1. micky told me that that cover is limited of 15.

  2. ps i need that taipan tape. any idea of if they have any left?

  3. ahh sweet cheers dude.. not too sure about the taipan tape, id send them a message on myspace if i was you