Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Was down in Melbourne with two of my good mates for the weekend to watch some bands and hang out with some old friends... I picked up some cool things over the 3 days we were there..

on the sunday a friend of ours took us to a record fair to have a look around and i come across this 1st press of Wasted Youth's 'Reagan In" LP..

Awesome photo that you would have seen on
the cover of the American Hardcore dvd


I also went to go watch Suffer for the first time.. i didn't catch the first 2 shows on the friday and Saturday night but i did make it to the Sunday show at the workers club.. this is my favorite release so far this year.. i was glad to finally see them live as well as Pathetic Human..

This is the Tour Edition on yellow vinyl with a pink/brown kinda splatter and a screen printed cover with different style artwork that folds over the insert

Probably the best colour they did for this release..

Micky sent me this tape version of 'Lone' a few weeks ago cause i didn't think i was going to make any of the shows they did for the tour and i didnt wanna miss out..

Artwork done by Rohan Harrison from extortion20/50

purchased the next 3 from Missing Link...

Pathetic Human / Suffer split 7" on black
I also have the preorder on Pink Vinyl and
cover that ill upload another time.

This is a split release from Longshot music / Streetpunk and Disorderly.. double vinyl with 8 bands all up.. i mainly got it cause it had marching orders on it, but i also really like a few of the other bands on here.

Longshot music

Streetpunk and Disorderly Records w/ Inserts

Found this at some other shop just out of the city..

Minor Threat - First Demo Tape
This would probably be favorite release from Minor Threat..
now to just get the original
And this Infest patch i found at some weird
shop that sold bongs and did walk in tattoos?

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  1. I don't think the band like the colour of the Tour Edition.

    They were happy with the understated colours of the normal pressing.

    I just pressed the worst colour I could think of..

    I reckon it came up sick.

    "Like Syphilis infected Piss" a mate of mine said...