Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Forward Defence was the first hardcore band i ever listened too, i think i would of been about 12 when i got the discography cd from my brother on christmas 1998 as he was the singer of the band. I brought this 12" from Jay Blurter a few years ago now as he was the dude who put it out on Snapshot Records and had like 2 left under his bed...


  1. Hi there, I was one of the people lucky enough to get my hands on Forward Defence's original demo recording at their demo release gig - but alas I lost it during one of my many moves around Canberra years ago - any chance of getting a copy of that demo from your bro??? If there's any chance please contact me at - cheers! FD were truly one of the best hardcore bands at that time, I loved 'em!!! In fact I played in a lesser-known rock/punk band called 'Splocked' around the same time (we were huge at the old Zorros bar lol) - the guitarist and myself were definitely influenced by Forward Defence! All the best, Kev