Wednesday, February 24, 2010



S/t 12" Reissue - Black
Sick 12" - Purple Swirl
Degenerate 12" - Clear Green
Demo Tape - White Cassette
Loose Screws 10" - Clear Red
Loose Screws 10" - Black
Terminal Cancer 7" - Black - 2nd press
Terminal Cancer 7" - Black
Demo Cd
Septic Surge Split 7" - Clear Blue
Septic Surge Split 7" - Black
Septic Surge Split 7" - Black - 2nd Press - Limited Cover (20/50)
Septic Surge Split 7" - Black - Limited Cover Puzzle Edition
Control 7" - Clear Orange
Control 7" - Salmon
Rupture Split 5" - Clear Gold - 2nd Press
Rupture Split 5" - Black
Rupture Split 5" - White - 3rd Press
S/t 7" - Black
S/t 7" - Black - Reissue
Agents Of Abhorrence Split 7" - Clear Blue
Agents Of Abhorrence Split 7" - Clear
Jed Whitey Split 7" - Black
Demo Reissue EP 7" - Black - Test Press (20/29)
Bootleg 7" - Black - side A of Jed Whitey Split/Side A of Terminal Cancer

Im still after the S/t 12" on GREEN and any limited covers / Test presses....
so if your keen to sell what i dont have hit me up -
-Still waiting on Demo Reissue EP 7", will upload complete pic when it arrives-
also might upload limited covers as separate post soon...


  1. arrggghh i am really tempted to post my collection now, but that would make me a dick. i reckon i can out-do you by a couple records, maybe.

  2. sweet collection mate. that damn green s/t 12" is the hardest to bloody get! i've been trying since it came out.

  3. you're missing the SCVM compilation mate, unreleased live shit of theirs on that...

  4. Do it shaun, yeah i reckon you will beat me with your TC test and 45 hole and the green s/t 12".. post anyways.. keen to have a look.

    and yeah i know im missing that comp, but they were on other comps as well that i didn't bother putting up..

  5. yeah, they were on Aus HC 7'' too ?

  6. yeah they had one song on AxHC titled 'Smashed up'

  7. really need to know where you picked up that limited second press cover of the ex/ss split thomo. tell me tell me.